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In most cases, weather does not affect the wireless signal. Only in severe weather (heavy rain or very dense fog) could the signal possibly be affected. If your signal is affected, you may notice a temporary rate speed decrease and signal should return to normal once the severe weather has cleared.
You can pay your bill by logging into your account using the following link: Account Login
Two Tin Cans uses wireless technology to provide internet service, this means that there is no cable or phone lines required to connect. A wireless antenna is installed to connect to the Two Tin Cans network and requires clear "Line-of-Sight" (LOS). This means that the antenna must have an unobstructed path back to a Two Tin Cans tower site, free of buildings or trees.
The installation fee includes time and materials (antenna, outdoor Cat5e, etc) to connect to the Two Tin Cans network. The equipment is owned and maintained by Two Tin Cans. Standard installation does not include additional mounting masts or towers.
For the best results for the speed test, Two Tin Cans recommends the following:
1) Use a wired ethernet connection.
2) Make sure the device doing the speed test is the only device using the internet at the time.
3) Use a reliable speed test site, for example is a trusted site.